ITerashima Environmental Services

Success Stories

Client Name: ITerashima Environmental Services
1255 Nuuanu Ave., Suite 310
Honolulu, HI 96817

Client Point of Contact: Iris Terashima
Telephone: (808) 551-3485
Fax: (808) 524-2052

Contracting Agency POC: Mr. James Burke
Contract No: 633-SCC and 633-CLC
Dollar Value: $80,000

The client, a woman-owned small business, started with the Procurement Technical Assistance Center in June of 2010. The PTAC team reviewed ITerashima Environmental Services (ITES) contracts for clauses and payment schedules. ITES subsequently received their first large contract later that year from the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command.

Iris credits much of the company’s success to the foundation laid by PTAC staff that supported her when she first started her business. She also appreciates the networking opportunities afforded her by PTAC. In speaking with other small business owners, she learned valuable lessons and enjoyed the camaraderie of other small business owners.

ITES has grown to support new contracts, and is currently staffed by four (4) scientists, engineers, and a GIS specialist. The firm continues to win awards. Most recently ITES received an $80,000 course development contract from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and a $54,275 award from Headquarters Pacific, US Air Force for EMS support throughout the Pacific.

Client Comments
I appreciate having the resources of PTAC available to me. It is always encouraging to know that there are experts available to assist and answer questions. Thank you PTAC for supporting small businesses.

Iris Terashima, P.E.
Principal, ITerashima Environmental Services

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