Carol Kwan Consulting, Inc.

Client Name: Carol Kwan Consulting, Inc
PO Box 893953
Mililani, HI 96789

Client Point of Contact: Carol Kwan
Telephone: (808) 381-1342
Fax: (808) 625-4287

Contracting Agency: City and County of Honolulu
Dollar Value: $10,759.16

HIPTAC Success Story 2Thank you for Hawaii Technical Assistance Center’s (HIPTAC’s) assistance in helping me win a contract. When I looked through the bid documents, I saw an EPA DBE requirement. I contacted HIPTAC to ask about it since I’d never heard of an EPA DBE before. They hadn’t heard of it either. They did some checking and got back to me with a name and phone number for the DOT DBE person here in Hawaii. That woman was able to help me with some of my questions about DBEs in general, but she hadn’t heard of an EPA DBE either. Apparently the program is fairly new. HIPTAC also tracked down another phone number for me for the EPA office in Hawaii. The first day I tried it, I got a recording that the number was not in service. I tried again a couple of days later and got an answer. That person gave me the phone number for the EPA office in San Francisco to speak with the man who handles the EPA DBE program. He was very nice and told me that if I’d already self qualified as an EDWOSB with SBA that I didn’t need to fill in any additional forms for EPA — I was automatically covered in EPA’s DBE program. I passed this information with phone numbers on to HIPTAC in case anyone else asked about EPA DBEs. I filled in the subcontractor forms and submitted them with my bid. I was thrilled when I saw the general contractor that I had bid to was the low bidder and that my company was listed as a subcontractor on the City’s bid results website. Fortunately it passed the bid analysis and the construction company was awarded the contract. I heard verbally from the general contractor in November and my subcontract followed about a month later.

Carol Kwan
President and Certified Arborist

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