Meet The Buyers

  You Heard it Here First! “Meet-the Agency” and “Meet-the-Prime” are two new programs in-work by your Hi-PTAC.  These programs will be a free, scheduled venue to introduce you directly […]

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Hi-PTAC is Back!

We’re Back Serving Hawai’i Businesses! As of September 2020, the new team is in-place and standing up our program to counsel, educate and link Hawai’i based businesses to government contracts!

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Bid Match

Hawai’i PTAC Bid Match Service One of the services available to actively enrolled clients of the Hawai’i PTAC is our bid match service! If your company is spending a lot […]

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CyberSecurity Help

Aloha, Yesterday I sent an email with links to various sites to help you understand the new cybersecurty requirements implemented by the Department of Defense. If you didn’t receive that […]

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