Step 4

Step 4: Register in SAM and DSBS


Once you have obtained your DUNS number and have identified your industry codes, you will need to register in SAM (System for Award Management).  Registering in SAM will set your business up for electronic payment (Electronic Funds Transfer—EFT) on federal contracts and will establish a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code, a five (5) position code that provides a standardized method for identifying companies and is used to support a variety of mechanized systems throughout the government.  There are two parts to the registration.

PART I:  Registration in SAM is accomplished by first creating a user name and pass word online at  On, click Sign-In to get started and to Create an Account.

PART II:  Login to SAM and begin your representations and certifications process.

Submit a notarized letter that names the SAM Entity Administrator using these instructions within 30 days of completing your registration.

Register in DSBS (Dynamic Small Business Search)

Registration in the DSBS can only be done while updating or completing your SAM registration.  This site is used by government agencies and prime contractors to find small businesses that can meet their government contracting or subcontracting needs.  You will have the option to list keywords and a narrative that best describe your business capabilities so be as accurate and succinct as possible to make it easy for others to find you!

Your Hawai’i PTAC offers FREE counseling services to help your business and work with you on understanding the many portions of the SAM registration.  

Hi-PTAC also has a Hawai’i Notary Public.

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