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Meet Our Team!


Bruce Powers, Program Manager

Bruce has over 35 years of procurement experience as a Contracting Officer, Program Manager and Grants Officer, holding DoD positions in Hawaii, Guam, The Philippines, Diego Garcia and San Francisco. Contracting capability involved Construction, Architecture and Engineering, large and small scale services, Disaster Cleanup, Environmental Remediation and Archeology services for return of US MIA’s overseas. Hawaii has been home since serving in Vietnam as a Navy Supply Officer. Helping Small Business in Hawaii obtain government contracts keeps the economy strong and the dollars in the Islands fostering other businesses.

Erin Kanehira, Counselor

Erin is a procurement counselor with the Hawaii Procurement Technical Assistance Center.  In October 2014, she received her Certified Procurement Professional certification from the Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers.

Prior to joining PTAC, Erin worked in a variety of disciplines, including higher education, real estate, state government, and human services.  Most recently, Erin worked as a business advisor for Hawaii Small Business Development Center as the government contracting specialist.

Born in Los Angeles but raised in Honolulu, Erin received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Master of Arts degree in English Literature from Mills College in Oakland.  She is the Secretary for the Aloha Chapter of the National Contract Management Association and has been a member since 2011.

Micolas Ogawa, Counselor

Micolas has started and operated his own business along with consulting for the Small Business Development Center, before joining HIPTAC. He has worked on consulting projects in many industries such as hotel management, retail, and the food industry and has a background in Construction Management, Engineering, and Small Business.  Born and raised in Honolulu, Micolas received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and MBA from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Nancy Ginter-Miller, Counselor

Nancy Ginter-Miller is a Hawaii PTAC Counselor based on Hawaii Island in Kailua Kona.

Nancy recently joined the Hawaii PTAC team to help value and guide small businesses through the process of procurement with Federal, State and County governments. Learning about opportunities that government contracting provides can be a winning profitable business process for everyone involved.

A successful business advisor she enjoys helping small businesses start, grow and succeed. Her hands-on experience of owning a small business in Hawaii for over 20 years has helped her coach other small business owners on how to have long-term success. Working in the hotel and events industry she knows the importance of writing and executing a good business.

Nancy enjoys promoting local value-added agricultural products, is a member of the ACF Kona Kohala Chef’s Association, the International Festivals and Events Association and a supporter of the Culinary Arts Program at UH Palamanui Community College.


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