HIPTAC Featured On ThinkTech

Understanding government procurement. Personal Background / Military Background. What is the mission of the Hawaii PTAC and what services do you provide? What is government contracting? Who is eligible for government contracting? How would you advise a business who have never any government contracting experience to start?

Prime contracts vs Subcontracts. What’s the difference? What industries generally have a higher probability of being awarded a contract from agovernment entity? What are set asides and do a particularly certain set aside companies have anadvantage?

How does one become certified as a VOSB or SDVOSB and does it help? Biggest pitfalls you see in companies that go into government contracting? How is the outlook for 2019 in federal, state and county procurement?Can you share with us a particular success story of how a company used procurement totake their business to a new plateau?

The host for this episode is Dennis Kwak. The guest for this episode is John Greene.

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